Therapy With A Heart

Helping People Heal Since 1995


From time to time, life throws us all little curve balls that we may need help to manage. Surviving and thriving in today’s stressful environment is something we have to work at. Excessive worry, anxiety, depression, money concerns, parenting issues and time demands can all erode our happiness. Today’s world is charged with many issues that are hard to control. However, Lisa teaches that there are many things to help instill hope, restore balance, and improve the overall quality of our lives. Problems become manageable and with her help and guidance, you learn the skills necessary to navigate today’s stress-filled world.


Using a proven and effective cognitive/behavioral and solution oriented use in your everyday life. She helps you establish thought pattern shifts by providing behavioral strategies and coping mechanisms designed to develop positive lifestyle improvements.
Lisa’s “Therapy With a Heart” could be the answer to helping you find ways to change your perception of how you interact with the various pressures and issues that so seem to control your everyday life.